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The worksheet above is available to download Here

This webpage is dedicated to teachers and pupils who may be considering a class visit to Muckross House. A number of resources are available here to assist those teachers who may wish to undertake some preparatory work prior to the visit.

  • Power Point Presentation Power Point Presentation – An outline of the history of Muckross from the Desmond Rebellion of the late 16th century to the present day. You can either access this Presentation live on the website or via a Download.

  • paint-splash Resource Book – This contains a hard copy of the above Power Point Presentation, together with some additional background information for the teacher.
    The Resource Book is available as a PDF Download.

  • paint splash Narrated Video – This combines the Power Point Presentation and the additional teachers’ notes from the Resource Book.

  • paint splash Worksheet and Board Game – A PDF of the fun worksheet and Board Game can also be downloaded here.
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