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We have gathered here resources that may be useful for teachers
should they wish to explore in more depth subjects referred to in our
Muckross Quest.

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‘Victoria’s Visit’

Radio Programme relating to the visit of Queen Victoria.

First broadcast 25 December 2012.

‘The 150th Anniversary of the Visit of Queen Victoria to Killarney and Muckross House’.

Muckross Newsletter, Issue 21, Autumn/Winter 2011, pp. 3-4

‘Killarney, Over 200 Years a Centre of Tourism’.

Muckross Newsletter, Issue 6, Autumn/Winter 1998, pp. 4-5.

Mary Herbert's Work
‘The Life and Works of Mary Herbert’.

Muckross Newsletter, Issue 6, Autumn/Winter 1998, pp. 6-7.


‘Mary Herbert, a 19 th Century Water-colourist’.

Muckross Newsletter, Issue 8, Autumn/Winter 1999, pp. 3-5.

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‘Women of the “Big House” – Killarney’s Forgotten Ladies’.

(Mary Herbert and Others)

Muckross Newsletter, Issue 28, Autumn/Winter 2018, pp. 8-11.

                                                                        Inlaid Furniture
‘Killarney Inlaid Furniture, A Forgotten Industry’.

Muckross Newsletter, Issue 23, Autumn/Winter 2013, pp. 8-11.


Destitution in Killarney (1862).

An extract from the Cork Examiner,
9 September 1862.


Muckross House, Killarney – A History.