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The aim of Muckross House Research Library is to document the traditions, way of life, and history of the people of Kerry.
Since its establishment, almost fifty years ago, the Library has played an important role as a Centre for the Collection, Storage and Preservation, of documentary material relating to Kerry.

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Who are the Trustees of Muckross House ?

The Trustees of Muckross House (Killarney) CLG., is a voluntary and not-for-profit organisation.

What did Queen Victoria do at Muckross ?

The Herbert Family of Muckross enjoyed a high social standing, which reached its climax in 1861, with the visit of Queen Victoria to Killarney.

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Who were the owners of Muckross House ?

The Herbert family connection with Kerry began in 1656.


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Muckross House, Gardens & Traditional Farms.

Muckross House, Gardens & Traditional Farms.


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What was Ireland like In The 1930s & 1940s ?

The Irish Free State came into being at the end of 1922, following the signing of a Treaty with England in December 1921.

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Explore Some Irish Calendar Customs.

Irish Calendar Customs with
Herbie Herbert
the Muckross Dragon.

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Driving the pig to market
Down The Cobbled Lanes
We return once more to old Killarney and memories of the town as it was during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Tadhg recalls here the prominent part played by the Great Southern Hotel in the history of Killarney town during the period of the War of Independence.


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St Brigid's cross
St. Brigid's Cross

The making of St Brigid’s crosses is one custom that was once widely practiced across Ireland. The crosses were made in honour of Ireland’s female patron saint, St Brigid, whose feast days falls on the 1st of February. Traditionally this date was considered to mark the first day of Spring.... Read More