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Each jigsaw in this gallery can be adapted to suit both children and adults.
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A Burst Of Bright Summer Colour.

Muckross Gardens.


Winter Sunset, Ross Castle.


Courtesy Valerie O’Sullivan.

Wallpaper Detail.

The Businessroom, Muckross House.


Curious Donkeys
Curious Donkeys.

Muckross Traditional Farms.


Swan with chicks
Swan with Chicks. Killarney National Park.


Courtesy Valerie O’Sullivan.

Dance Poster, Killarney Town Hall, 1949.

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colouring  book cover
Activity and Colouring Book.

Complete this Jigsaw and then download the book for some fun activities


Muckross House Under Snow
Muckross House - A Winter Scene.

Muckross House, Killarney.
Muckross House was completed in 1843 for the Herbert Family.


A Robin in the Winter Snow.

Killarney National Park.

Courtesy Valerie O’Sullivan.

Sketch of Bricín Bridge
Watercolour of Bricín Bridge .

An 18th century view of Bricín Bridge by John Henry Campbell (1755-1828).


Bricín Bridge .

Compare this view of Brícín Bridge with that by 18th century artist John Henry Campbell.

Courtesy Valerie O’Sullivan.

image of festival poster
Kerry Drama Festival, 1947.

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Foleys’ Farmhouse.

Muckross Traditional Farms, Killarney.